CBG is a Global Business Services technology company offering IT outsourcing services and solutions, business process management, and technological advancements to businesses seeking higher operational effectiveness and greater efficiency with cost savings.

Hosting & Colud Computing

Cloud computing is changing how businesses and public organizations use information technology. Cloud services are available to meet most any IT need. 

Features and Benefits

Everyone has heard about clouds but what is it and what it can do? the core features and benefits that are common across all cloud platforms.

From the user’s perspective, cloud computing have these features:

  • Hosted and maintained 

  • Self-service via interface

  • Pay for usage and scalability.

Web Developments

As a full serviced web development company, we deliver a wide range of custom web solutions for small and big organizations in different domains. We create web apps, services, and solutions that accurately answer your demand and satisfy the specific needs of your company.  

  • Front End & Back End with automation

  • Any browser.

  • Any device.

  • Flawless user experience.

  • Architecture - cloud-native, microservices-based or reactive approach.

  • Impeccable 

  • Scalable

Managed IT Solutions

A managed IT services provider is most often information technology (IT) services provider is responsible for providing a defined set of services to its customers as per need of business


Managed IT Services includes:

  • Datacenter Monitoring and Management

  • Managed User

  • Managed IT Security

  • Vendor/Corp Management

  • Managed Email Service

  • Managed Inventory Control

Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery is a most important process that can help companies survive and recover in case of disaster. The IT disaster recovery planning allows an organization to focus, prioritize its risks and assets, establish a protection strategy, and determine the best way to recover normal operations after recovery. 


DR plan:

  1. Goals 

  2. Personnel Actions

  3. IT inventory Control

  4. Backup procedures and Functions

  5. Disaster recovery procedures

  6. Disaster recovery sites 

  7. Restoration 


With an unmatched portfolio of cyber security services, CB Global delivers the experience, resources, and expertise needed to create a comprehensive cyber security plan that covers your vital data, SaaS, PaaS, applications, end users, infrastructure and automation.

Backed by 24×7 monitoring and industry leading technology solutions, CB provides IT security solutions and services that deliver proven secured comprehensive protection for your business.


Mobilizing your business services is a top priority in this ever changing environment. By transitioning these services to an experienced MMS provider, you can easily have mobile devices in the hands of your staff faster and activate mobility management for the future.

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions

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